Architectural Sandblasting at Texas Sandblasting

At Texas Sandblasting, we have the knowledge and experience to help with any architecture sandblasting project. When the appearance of your architectural surface needs to be restored to its original state, Texas Sandblasting has the highest level of equipment available to get the job done efficiently. Whether you have a tough, brick surface with multiple layers of paint that needs to be removed—or a more delicate project, such as a historic building in need of restoration, Texas Sandblasting has the tools and understanding to ensure your final product meets your highest expectations. Our commitment to customer satisfaction truly sets us apart.

architectural sandblasting
architectural sandblasting
architectural sandblasting

Architecture Sandblasting Services

At Texas Sandblasting, our architecture sandblasting services can be used for essentially any surface. Our adjustable pressure sandblaster can handle robust projects or delicate surfaces. Beyond this, our pressure sandblaster is also capable of using multiple medias, such as walnut shell, soda, crushed glass, coal slag and many others. This makes our equipment very adaptable and capable of tackling any architectural sandblasting service you may need. Our architecture sandblasting services include:

  • Driveway, sidewalk and entryway restoration
  • Stamped concrete cleaning
  • Historic building restoration
  • Paint stripping—including the removal of paint from metal ceilings
  • Stain removal
  • Stone cleaning
  • Wood projects such as wood siding, log cabins, raising wood grain and wood beams.

Historic Architecture Sandblasting

When restoring a historic building, whether the architecture is made of wood, brick or stone, Texas Sandblasting has the know-how and equipment to get the job done safely and in a timely manner. In most historic projects, we use one of three medias: walnut shell, corn cob or soda; all of these medias are safe and environmentally friendly. Additionally, these medias are on the soft side of the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness; therefore, we can strip the paint off of historic siding without the worry of damage. We can also clean or strip paint off of brick or stone buildings without damaging the grout. At Texas Sandblasting, we understand the delicacy of historic architecture and we take pride in our sandblasting process—from start to finish.

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