Fire Damage Restoration with Texas Sandblasting

Fire damage to a home or business is a devastating experience. Typically, the damage is sudden, severe and unsettling. At Texas Sandblasting, we have a full understanding of the damage that can be caused by fires—and we also know how to repair it effectively. Our experience and thorough understanding of fire damage is essential in determining the level and extent of cleaning required. We work with you to ease the process and complete the recovery for you, your family or business.

fire damage restoration
fire damage
fire damage restoration

Fire Damage Restoration Services

At Texas Sandblasting, we believe each project we work with is unique. This is particularly true when our task involves fire restoration. We have a multitude of media to choose from and we carefully consider which is the most effective, least expensive and safest for our customers. Our blasting equipment is adjustable, to ensure the correct level of air pressure and media output. This customization allows us to do each job effectively, without damaging the surface. When it comes to fire restoration, soda blasting is the best method for the job. Soda blasting is fast, cost effective and safe.

Fire Damage Restoration with Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is the process of blasting soda bicarbonate through a hose using compressed air. Soda blasting removes soot, carbon, light charring and residue. Additionally, soda blasting eliminates the smell left behind after a fire. The speed of which soda blasting can remove fire damage is truly remarkable; it can remove up to 30 square feet per minute in most cases, making it the most economical technique. This meticulous method of blasting enables us to get into small cracks, tight corners and behind duct work for a thorough clean. Because soda blasting is a non-destructive, non-abrasive media, it will not damage or destroy wood. In some cases, soda blasting can restore the plywood and wood studs after a fire, leaving a like-new finish. This cleaning process reduces the cost of replacing expensive building materials. The media used for soda blasting—baking soda—has many benefits. It is:

  • Environmentally safe
  • Has no toxic fumes
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Non-sparking
  • Non-flammable
  • Water-soluble

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