Graffiti Removal

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Graffiti Removal with Texas Sandblasting

Graffiti damage to any property is frustrating and can cause a plummet in sales for affected businesses. At Texas Sandblasting, we specialize in sandblasting paint off of concrete and sandblasting concrete walls; and when it comes to graffiti removal, Texas Sandblasting has the solution for any application. Whether the graffiti is on the exterior or interior of the building, we can quickly and effectively eliminate that eye-sore and bring back your business. We have multiple blast pots for whatever the circumstance may be.

Common Practices Used for Graffiti Removal

Each job is unique, which is why we have a large selection of media to choose from as well as adjustable equipment. However, the most common practices used for graffiti removal include:

Media Blasting – Media blasting propels fine particles of media through a hose to clean or strip the surface. When media blasting graffiti, we can use multiple media, including crushed glass, coal slag, green diamond, corn cob, or walnut shell. For example, if the graffiti removal is indoors, media blasting would be the best choice.

Soda Blasting – Soda blasting is propelling soda bicarbonate through a hose using compressed air to clean the surface. When a graffiti removal job involves a delicate surface, soda blasting is the best choice because it is gentle, non-toxic, and cost-effective. Soda blasting works very well on glass, thin metal, wood, or brick.

Dustless Blasting – Dustless blasting is quite similar to media blasting. However, in this method of blasting, water is added to the media, which results in much less dust compared to other media. In most cases, Texas Sandblasting uses crushed glass for dustless blasting. If your graffiti damage is in an area that would be sensitive to dust, dustless blasting is typically the recommended method.

Additional Graffiti Removal

At Texas Sandblasting, we have the solution for any of your graffiti removal needs. Whether you require sandblasting paint off of concrete, sandblasting concrete walls, wood buildings, brick buildings or glass, we can customize our media and equipment to your project specifically.