Media Blasting

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What Is Media Blasting?

Media blasting utilizes small particles of various abrasives such as crushed glass, walnut shell, corn cob, garnet, coal slag, acrylic, aluminum oxide, and steel grit. These media come in different sizes, from very fine to coarse. Media blasting is an excellent form of surface preparation, once called sandblasting, and is commonly used for smoothing rough surfaces, adding texture or shape to smooth surfaces, and removing rust, paint, or other substances.

Media Blasting at Texas Sandblasting

At Texas Sandblasting, we use a multitude of media. We can pick the perfect media for your application, depending on the surface and coating. We optimize our equipment to give you the best surface preparation for your project. Additionally, we provide the best PSI and media combination to do the job safely without damaging your project. Choosing media blasting from Texas Sandblasting guarantees a clean and prepared surface, ensuring optimal coating adhesion to meet your satisfaction.

Uses and Benefits of Media Blasting

Media blasting can remove virtually any paint or coating and is faster, safer, and more efficient than other techniques. Similarly, media blasting is more cost-effective than acid dipping or chemical stripping. Media blasting works wonderfully for paint removal as well as removing rust and grease to bring the surface back to its original state. Media blasting is widely used on a multitude of surfaces and in many fields and industries, including:

Additional Uses and Benefits

Additionally, wood surfaces can be easily and beautifully refinished with walnut shell or corn cob medias. Whether you’re looking for a smooth, uniform finish or a more rustic, raised-grain look, media blasting delivers the results you want safely and efficiently. From wood to concrete to metal, Texas Sandblasting has been uncovering value for a wide range of customers for many years. After all, the best coating is only as good as the preparation of the surface.