Rust & Oxidation Removal

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Removing Rust and Oxidation with Texas Sandblasting

At Texas Sandblasting, our certified technicians are rust and oxidation removal experts. Whether it’s soda blasting, media blasting, or dustless blasting rust, we have the equipment and experience to finish the job the first time and meet your deadlines. Depending on the amount of rust present and the thickness of the metal blasted, we can choose the best method to remove all rust and oxidation.

Rust and Oxidation Removal Sandblasting Services

In the marine industry, sodium bicarbonate is the media of choice because it is gentle yet thorough, cost-effective, and safe. Using environmentally friendly and water-soluble media is crucial when working around water. While environmental concerns are prevalent, maintaining the gel coat’s condition is another common problem. However, when using soda bicarbonate, we can remove paint and barnacles from any boat without harm to the gel coat. Soda blasting is the fastest method for removing antifouling paint on ships, making it the most cost-effective marine restoration industry. Soda blasting can remove multiple layers with ease and without damage. Finally, soda blasting can also expose hidden blisters covered by layers of paint, remove the blisters, and feather the edges for repair.

The Best Methods for Rust and Oxidation Sandblasting

We have multiple media blasting services if you have a project with heavy rust. We suggest using aluminum oxide, crushed glass, coal slag, green diamond, glass bead, garnet, or steel shot. When a job has a light-duty surface, such as sheet metal, we can set up our equipment on a low PSI that will keep the metal from heating up and warping the surface. Every situation has a media and a PSI that works best for the surface. Let us at Texas Sandblasting choose the right media for your project. There is not one media that works the best on all surfaces. Our range of media ensures a fresh surface, regardless of how much rust there once was.

Dustless Blasting for Light Rust

Dustless blasting also works well for removing rust and oxidation. When dustless shot here at Texas Sandblasting, we use crushed glass and the rust inhibitor Hold Tight 102 to ensure there is no flash rusting and the metal is brought back to clean white metal.