Laser Cleaning

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What Is Laser Cleaning?

Laser cleaning is the process of using a beam of photons which are particles of light that carry energy. When a laser beam interacts with a surface, it absorbs energy from the photons leading to heat generation. The absorbed energy causes the contaminants on the surface to break down and vaporize without damaging the underlying material. During the vaporization process a shock wave is produced that exerts pressure on the remaining contaminates to blow them away. To ensure uniform cleaning the laser beam is scanned across the surface of the material. The scanning process allows for comprehensive coverage and precise removal of the contaminates. 

Uses and Benefits of Laser Cleaning

Non Contact laser cleaning is a non contact process  reducing the risk of surface damage to the item being cleaned.
Environmentally friendly– It eliminates the need or use of dangerous chemicals that are harmful and hard to dispose of. It vaporizes the contaminate so there is minimal dust to clean up or dispose of after cleaning.
Versatility – it can be applied to a wide range of materials and settings where cleaning may be needed. In environments where there are tight spaces or other equipment  and people that might  be in close proximity that you don’t want to damage or disrupt  with the  cleaning service.
Less clean up– compared to sandblasting and other cleaning methods laser cleaning is a much cleaner process. The act of laser cleaning vaporizes most of the contaminant being cleaned leaving virtually no bi product to be cleaned up afterwards. 
Laser cleaning can be used to clean a wide range of substances and substrates such as:
Powder coatings
Wood stains
Bio films 
Cleaning welds for (NDT) Non Destructive Testing
and many more.