Marine Restoration

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Marine Restoration with Texas Sandblasting

Preparing a boat’s hull for painting can be a boater’s nightmare. Regular power washing is not effective enough to remove the bilge-oil film, blisters, or old paint. Additionally, normal sandblasting and chemical methods are too harsh and can destroy the boat’s thin gel coat. Texas Sandblasting is well versed in marine restoration and has the equipment, media, and experience to tackle any maritime job. What’s more, our team is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

Marine Restoration Services

In the marine industry, sodium bicarbonate is the media of choice because it is gentle yet thorough, cost-effective, and safe. Using environmentally friendly and water-soluble media is crucial when working around water. While environmental concerns are prevalent, another common problem is maintaining the gel coat’s condition. However, when using soda bicarbonate, we can remove paint and barnacles from any boat without harm to the gel coat. Soda blasting is the fastest method for removing antifouling paint on ships, making it the most cost-effective marine restoration industry. Soda blasting can remove multiple layers with ease and without damage. Finally, soda blasting can also expose hidden blisters covered by layers of paint, remove the blisters, and feather the edges for repair.

Preparing a Boat’s Hull with Texas Sandblasting’s Marine Restoration

Antifouling paint suppliers love soda blasting’s ability to prepare the hull for a blister-protecting barrier coat properly. Often overlooked or incorrectly done, preparing the surface for a barrier coat is a crucial step that ensures proper adhesion of following antifoul coatings. In this procedure, the blast pot’s pressure decreases, which allows the gel coat to be gently etched without damaging the hull. This process enables the barrier coat to bond to the surface of the gel coat. At Texas Sandblasting, our certified technicians are skilled in the marine industry and have years of experience in the sandblasting field. We take pride in our work and believe that the best coating is only as good as the surface preparation in the marine restoration field.