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Residential Sandblasting with Texas Sandblasting

At Texas Sandblasting, we treat all of our blasting projects with meticulous attention and care. When assigned a residential blasting project, we take care of your home like our own and take every precaution to ensure minimal disruption and maximum satisfaction. Beyond our dedication to service, we have extensive experience, high-end equipment, and a large selection of media to customize your residential sandblasting job. Depending on the surface, we can pick the correct media to suit your needs.

Residential Sandblasting Services

When working on a residential sandblasting project, whether the home is brick, wood siding, metal siding, or stucco, we have the equipment and media to do it all. Typically, in most residential sandblasting projects, we use soda as our media of choice. Soda is a light-duty media that cleans or removes peeling paint or red water stains without damaging the home’s exterior. If you have a project that won’t fit in a sandblasting cabinet, our equipment is completely mobile, and we can come to you to take care of all your sandblasting needs.

Common Maintenance Projects with Residential Sandblasting

At Texas Sandblasting, our team has worked on many different residential sandblasting projects. Some common residential sandblasting jobs include:

Brick Homes – On painted brick homes, we use our soda blasting method to remove paint or leave some behind for a vintage, white-wash look.


Log Homes – Log cabins with a faded or peeling surface can be media blasted to remove the old finish. This leaves fresh wood that is prepared for a new coat. A log home with too many coats of stain is at a high risk of rot. When blasting log cabins, corn cob or crushed glass are the media that ensure the best possible finish for recoating.


Swimming Pools – When sandblasting pools, three primary cleaning concerns are calcium deposits, water lines, or peeling coatings. When calcium deposits or water stains are prevalent, soda is the media of choice, leaving a clean surface. However, if peeling paint is the issue, media such as crushed glass or coal slag can remove the paint effectively. This leaves a clean surface for the new coating to be applied.