What Is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting is a method of blasting used for cleaning, stripping or profiling surfaces in preparation for overlays and coatings. This form of blasting produces a roughened texture to improve adhesion of decorative coatings and leaves the surface dry and immediately ready for resurfacing. Shot blasting can perform surface preparation for applications ranging from light etching to aggressive removal of surface mortar. Additionally, shot blasting produces very little dust, making it a great option for floors in sensitive areas such as manufacturing plants.

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What are the Different Types of Shot Blasting?

There are two types of shot blasting, traditional shot blasting and wheel blasting:

Traditional Shot Blasting

Traditional air shot blasting uses compressed air in order to propel a metal shot at a surface. This is typically used in the manufacturing industry for making products such as springs, gears, drills, gun parts, aviation parts and automotive parts.


Wheel Blasting

This second type of shot blasting is the method in which the abrasive is propelled by an electric motor that is powering a turbine wheel. This method of shot blasting is commonly used in the flooring industry.

Uses and Benefits of Shot Blasting

Shot blast cleaning is a one-step method that strips, cleans and etches all at once. It is also a commonly recommended method of abrasive blasting by manufactures for removing old flooring in preparation for epoxy and urethane flooring. Shot blasting offers a higher production rate over other methods of flooring preparation, such as grinding and scarifying. Grinding and scarifying, on the other hand, produce more dust than certain shot blasting methods. Additionally, shot blasting works exceptionally well for removing paints and epoxies. However, shot blasting is unable to remove rubber or elastomeric coatings, as the beads will simply ricochet off of the surface. On most other surfaces, however, shot blasting leaves a much more uniform profile over other methods. Beyond this, shot blasting is environmentally friendly as there is no need for hazardous chemicals. This means there is no need to shut down your business and production while the shot blasting project takes place.

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